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Friday, January 30, 2004

Canada Court Allows Gay Married Parents to Hit Their Kids Repeatedly with Premeditation

Canada approves corporal punishment! In certain indeterminable circumstances.

"Parents and teachers may use force to correct a child's behaviour but it must be minimal and not administered out of rage or frustration, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday."

Obviously, this is quite ridiculous. How could the state possibly interfere into the intimate details of child rearing much less determine the thought process behind parental decisions.
Parents often spank their children out of frustration. In fact I was spanked most often out of frustrataton.

And isn't fruatation with childhood behaviour a much better reason for corporal punishment thatn, say, cold premeditation.

Say a parent deiceds to hit his child at noon tomorrow for ten minutes to teach him a lesson about the random disappointments we must face in lifa. And then the parent reapeats that lesson each and every day at random. None of those beatings would run afoul of the Canadian intrusive ruling but surely all would constitute abuse.

But this is Canada and they are nuts, so that is that. Maybe the state shouldstart making decisions to stay out of people's parenting decisions.

By the way, heterosexual parents can also hit their kids. I was just sexing up the headline.


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