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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Farewell Joe Trippi, We hardly knew ye!

Here is a copy of Joe Trippi's final Daily email, sent on the Day of the New Hampshire Primary. All of the emphasis is mine.

Tonight the comeback begins.

The pundits have underestimated us before -- and they were wrong. All week they've been trying to write us off -- and we're going to prove them wrong again.

Sorry Joe, I guess not so much.

Today the people of New Hampshire vote. Momentum is on our side. But the race for the nomination is a 6-week marathon where 33 states vote - and you have built the only campaign on the planet that can run the distance and come out strong enough to defeat George Bush in the general election.

One thing is certain: we will go on, and we will prove the doubters wrong. But all of us must fight like we've never fought before. The way we win is to keep sprinting forward:

What Joe is saying here, is that eventhough he is using the word "we", he means "you" or at least "not me." The tell is the last line using the word "sprinting." Joe has never sprinted in life. And, based on his recent campaign diet, he is not ready to start now.

Thousands of Americans are joining our campaign every day.

While,at the same time, several are being asked to leave.

On the campaign trail, voters are responding to Governor Dean's record of standing up for what it is right --even when it's not popular.

The way to win the nomination is to get a majority of the more than 4,300 delegates to the Democratic convention. Iowa and New Hampshire combined decide only 77 of those delegates.

Joe Trippi's Super Bowl Predicition:"the team that will win will score more points than the other team."

Which means that the race is wide open. And the way to win it is to keep going forward and to keep building the resources Howard Dean needs to win the nomination and defeat George Bush:

For more than a year we have known that the biggest threat to our campaign was getting people to get over their own disbelief that they have it in their power to take back our government.

The current threat to the campaign seems to be Joe Trippi.

You have shown that you believe it's possible. But now is the time to spread the word about our cause. Please forward this email on to at least 5 other people.

Now more than ever, you gotta believe.

Joe Trippi
Campaign Manager
Dean for America

What he did not add was:
P.S. I have attached my resume for your perusal. If you have a need for any overweight internet savvy campaign adviser please feel free to contact me.


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