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Sunday, January 18, 2004

February 2002 Article on Pickering from Mona Charen

Here is another article on Pickering's alleged racism entitled "Liberals Try to Nitpick Pickering" from Insight on the News - Fair Comment

The best quotes are:

"James Charles Evers? You mean the brother of slain civil-rights hero Medgar Evers? He's defending this 'extremist' in the pages of the Wall Street Journal? Hmmm.


Evers, who has known Pickering for decades, was "saddened and appalled to read many of the allegations that have been put forth about Judge Pickering … made by groups with a Washington, D.C., address and a political agenda" and without real knowledge of "Pickering's long and distinguished record on civil rights."

Evers notes that Pickering did more than face down the Klan. While in private practice, he defended an African-American man accused of robbing a white 16-year-old at knifepoint. After two trials, the man was acquitted."


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