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Sunday, January 25, 2004

French Join the Coalition of the Willing! In the war on music swappers....

Forbes.com reports that France has allied with the US and UK to sue song swappers. Forbes reports thatwe should. "Add the French to the war on Internet song swappers." This leads to the obvious question: Who is stealing French music?

Well they aren't they are stealing, American music distributed by SNEP which represents roughly 50 independent and major music labels including Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music and Bertelsmann's. The French music industry trade body SNEP will report that recorded music sales fell 14.6 percent in revenues in 2003 to just under 2.1 billion euros, said Herve Rony, SNEP general manager

However, because copyright laws are much weaker in France, parliamentary action is needed prior to the pursuit of enforcement mechanisms similar to the ones that the RIAA has used in this country.


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