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Friday, January 30, 2004

Governor Dean Takes over Writing Duties, And goes after John Kerry.

Just got the newest Dean email and he is targeting John Kerry directly.


Eleven months ago, when few people knew our campaign existed, I asked the Democratic Party leadership some fundamental questions.

Why were so many Democrats in Washington supporting George Bush's unilateral war in Iraq? Why were they supporting No Child Left Behind? Why were they voting for the president's reckless tax cuts?

I am still waiting for the answers.
The American people deserve the answers.

Well he is mad at the Democratic leader ship which equals Terry MCauliffe, Hillary Clinton, tom Daschle and John Kerry. Although, I am not sure they voted for the tax cuts.

Today, all my opponents are talking the talk. Even those who voted for the war now speak like they opposed it.

Those who voted for No Child Left Behind now criticize it.

And those who shrank from confrontation in the face of polls and pundits now compete to outdo each other in their condemnation of George W. Bush.

But in 2004, Democrats must decide: Who will stand up for you? And who will stand up against George W. Bush?

This is some first class whining.

I believe only someone who has consistently and firmly stood for change -- even when it wasn't politically popular -- can truly lead this great struggle.

So John Kerry easily changes his mind with the winds of popular sentiment? Sounds very Clintonesque.

And I need your help today to raise the funds we need to take back the Democratic Party and defeat George Bush:

Imagine 2005. Radical Republicans of the Bush-DeLay school will push their divisive agenda.

When that happens, who will stand up for you?

A Washington insider who shifts with every poll? Who cuts deals that sell out the interests of ordinary Americans, and who has spent decades collaborating with the special interests that fuel his campaigns?

Ohh that smarts. Is this a republican campaign ad? Did Howard Dean hire Karl Rove to be his new campaign chairman?

Or someone from outside Washington, truly independent, and ready to do what's right?

As President, I will stand up for you -- I won't just say it.

You know I will do it -- because I have done it.

And we can stand up for all Americans if we stand together.

The Washington insiders are spending millions in paid advertisements to try to persuade voters that they'll stand up to the system they've been part of for years. Many of these ads will attack us.

It's extremely important that we go into the coming primaries with the resources we need. Can I count on your help today?

Thank you for everything you do.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

P.S. Please forward this email on to everyone you know."

Ok Howard. I will. You keep banging on John Kerry and you may get my support. If you name him by name in your next email, and add a few more title to your name, I will contribute to your campaign.


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