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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

In New Hampshire: Everyone is a Winner!

Everyone won in New Hampshire according to every candidate tonight. Good for them. Even Al Sharpton who got over 330 votes. How did that happen? Was it keg night at Kappa Sigma Phi at UNH? Well now everyone has Joe-Mentum.

Speaking of Joe-Mentum, Joe is now calling for the resignation of George Tenet. Not very Presidential, if you ask me, which is appropriate considering that it is Joe Lieberman talking. If was going to win he could just fire him, himself.

Was it me or did the networks pipe in "Na na na na. Na na na na. heyy heyy hey, Gooood bye." in the background of Howard Deans speech?

Howard Dean called this Supreme Court the most conservative Supreme Court since the Dred Scott decision in his concession speech. Oh really? I have no idea what he means by "conservative" though. Does conservative = racist? Or does conservative mean respect for precedent? Probably his definition for "conservative" is "bad". Doesn't Lawrence simply blow this theory out the water no matter what he means?

Turns out Heinz does have a rather large bottled and manufacturing facility in Indonesia. I wonder if Kerry is going to go after those evil outsourcing anti-American bastards at Heinz.

Ok final results versus predicitons time! I can safely report that I am a healthy 0-3 in my election candidate predicitons:

John Kerry...........45%.....39%
Howard Dean........23%.....26%
John Edwards.......17% ....12%
Wesley Clark.........7%......12%
Joe Lieberman.......6% ......9%
Other.................2% .......2%

I underestimated Dean's and Clark's core support, and overestimated the Kerry surge. But I am 2 -1 in my prediction of "Other." It has been said before, I am in tune with the others.

Next week I get to pick 7 decisions incorrectly.


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