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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

James Shchlesinger Takes Global Warming theorists Out to the Shed!

In the Hartford Courant: James Schlesinger has an Op/Ed entitled: "Cold, Hard Facts Take Heat Out Of Global Warming"

Registration is required but it is worth it.

Here are two very nice sections:
"The Bush administration, as an alternative to such energy-suppressing measures, has focused on filling gaps in our state of knowledge, promoting the development of new technology, encouraging voluntary programs and working with other nations on controlling the growth of greenhouse-gas emissions. Collectively, these actions involve spending more than $4 billion annually, and the United States is doing more than any other nation to address the climate-change issue."


"It is important that we not be unduly influenced by political rhetoric and scare tactics. Wise policy involves a continued emphasis on science, technology, engagement of the business community on voluntary programs and balancing actions with knowledge and economic priorities. "


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