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Friday, January 23, 2004

Jump into the Nano-Boom! Have Fun Riding the Nano-Bust!

In our continuing effort to keep investors abreast of the coming boom and bust in the stock market we pass on this report from MSN Money - CNBC TV: Investing According to CNBC, "Money is pouring into the fledgling science of nanotechnology, and many analysts foresee a repeat of the Internet boom and bust. Peter Hebert of Lux Capital sees a key difference that he thinks will allow nanotechnology to avoid a dot-com-style meltdown. "

Not likely, besides the fun is watching your money fly away. Anyway, Mr. Lux picks three stocks to watch:

VECO5- Veeco Instruments Inc.31.54 -0.30
Veeco Instruments Inc. makes next-generation microscopes using nanotechnology. Its instruments are used in the semiconductor and data-storage industries. Our first nano-bubble stock pick, Intel is a customer, Hebert said, as are Stanford University and MIT.

FEIC6- FEI Company 26.58 -0.22
The Hillsboro, Ore., company is another maker of precision instruments used in nanotechnology.

PCOP5- Pharmacopeia, Inc. 20.16-0.20
The Princeton, N.J., company accelerates and improves drug-discovery and chemical-development processes.
Our charts will be updated to the left as well, coming soon.


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