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Friday, January 23, 2004

Kerry Campaign Installs Caller I.D. and Call blocking on All Phones

The John Kerry for President Campaign has installed Caller I.D. and call blocking on all campaign phones this afternoon in response to the news that Walter Mondale has come out and endorsed Senator Kerry for president.

"We don't know how that one got through, "Kerry campaing manager Pam Oliver, stated on Friday, afternoon, "But we just cannot risk anymore of these endorsements." News in New Hampshire has been spreading that past Democratic Presidential nominee Micheal Dukakis has been planning on endorsing Kerry as well and has been trying to get in touch with the Senator prior to his announcement.

The Kerry campaign had initially rigged its call system to prevent any call from a phone registered to a Dukakis from being connected through to their offices. But now, in response to the Mondale nod, that service has been expanded." At this point we are taking no calls from any phone number with a Greek sounding sound, any phone in the Boston area, or anyone with the first name Kitty or Olympia." Oliver stated.


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