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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Kerry Summarily Contradicts "Cosmetic Enhancement Rumor", Forgets about chin and stick surgeries.

According to theDRUDGE REPORT John Kerry has summarily denied any use of Botox or cosmetic enhancement.

He has had chin surgery though. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported in 2002 that: "Kerry is classically drawn as How a Senator Should Look: He is 6 feet 4 and slim with a helmet of brownish-silver hair, high and knobby cheekbones and a surgically enhanced chin -- not cosmetic surgery, contrary to speculation. (The operation, says Kerry press secretary David Wade, was to correct 'a malocclusion,' a bad bite that caused a clicking in his jaw.)"

No mention is made of the large stick that, for the longest time, resided inside his colon but which now appears to have been surgically removed.


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