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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Killing two Ducks with one shot

The L.A. Times has an interesting article by veteran supreme court watcher David Savage entitled "Senators Inquire of Justices' Recusal Rules" The details are "A letter from Sens. Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut was prepared in response to a report in The Times on Saturday that Justice Antonin Scalia and Vice President Dick Cheney had gone duck hunting together in southern Louisiana three weeks after the high court agreed to hear Cheney's appeal of a judge's order that he produce documents about meetings of his task force on U.S. energy policy."

I doubt that this raises the specter of impartiality since, even though the case is entitled Inre Cheney the Vice President is not personally liable in the energy task force case and would not face financial damages if he loses.

Here is the story from last December detailing the Court's accepance of cert. in the case.


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