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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Martha Stewart Jury Selection Continues Today

Quasi In Rem has discovered the standard questions that Stewart's lawyers plan to ask during voir dire:

1. When preparing tartlets, do you prefer to use nonstick tarlet pans or cast iron tarlet molds?

2. Which caviar would be most appropriate to serve as an appetizer to salmon en croute: beluga, osetra or sevruga.

3. Do you find that Julia Child's croquembouche preparation technique leads to an askew display only fit for ignorant housewives?

4. What is your position on Silpat baking mats versus parchment paper as a baking surface for linzer engagement cookies? Would your position change if you were making meringues?

5. Should a county prosecutor be forced to resign his post if he refuses to prosecute your South Hampton neighbor for planting verdant low lying shrubbery next to your property as if he lived in the suburbs of St. Louis?

6. How would you describe a wedding and reception that cost less than $500.00 a guest: Chintzy? Cheap? or Shockingly chintzy and cheap?

7. Inside stock tips: Good thing or Very good thing?


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