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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Microsoft Loses another Round in Europe

FT.com Home US: "The European Commission has reached a preliminary decision that Microsoft broke European competition law and abused its dominant position in the personal computer market."

The real issue in Europe is with the Windows Media Player, which comes bundled with the Windows software. The Commission has consistently called for Microsoft to pay a fine, unbundle its Media Player program from the rest of Windows and share more information with competitors.

Personally, I have downloaded Realplayer, and for whatever reason, all of my media files immediately became associated with Real player. Similarly all of my new files also become associated with Realplayer eventhough I prefer Windows Media Player.

European Anti-competition laws are similar to U.S. competition laws and the U.S. and European cases are expected to continue on a similar track. More new will be available by May 1.


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