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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The New Hampshire Primary; A referendum on Cable News?

The pundits are making their final predictions today and the voters in New Hampshire are dutifully trudging through the snow to the polls to pick the next Democratic nominee. but are they in a sense picking something else. Perhaps they are also picking which cable news channel has the most influence of the everyday voter.

For example, Wesley Clark is clearly the CNN candidate. He was on CNN every day from the start of the war on March 19 through April 12. Since then he appeared several times and seems to be their quite darling. In fact he has appeared so often that anchor Aaron Brown called him "the cable news equivalent of a foxhole buddy." Now the fact the he spent hours and hours commenting on the war as a private citizen and then could not arrive at a coherent policy on the war is some what concerning, but still, he remains CNN's guy.

On the other hand, Joe Lieberman is clearly the candidate of MSNBC. He appears on Imus in the Morning at least once a week, if not more often. The network itself almost perfectly reflected his views: pro-war, pro-troops, but not so clear on their domestic agenda. they toyed with Micheal Savage before canning him. They toyed with Phil Donague and Jesse Ventura. All over the place domestically, much like Joe. if Joe Lieberamn wins, then MSNBC will carry the crown.

So who then becomes the candidate of Fox News? Obviously it is a Bush channel, but who then on the Democratic side? Joe Lieberman seems to be the most conservative. But his morality in media movement is the antithesis of Fox. I can't help but be drawn to the National Review's urgent plea to the Democratic electorate to please nominate Howard Dean. A Dean nomination would surely lead to a catastophic loss by the Democrats and four more years of Fox supremacy.

Edwards of course made his campaign announcement on Comedy Central's the Daily show so he is their candidate, Dennis Kucinich represents PBS and Al Sharpton? B.E.T.

But where does that leave John Kerry. He is horribly boring. Craggy. Old looking. Desperatley Liberal. He has a heroic past and concilliatory present. For more democrats he is comfortable like an old shoe. Sounds like a perfect candidate for the news crew at 60 Minutes. That makes Kerry the CBS candidate.

So there you have it. If Clark wins, CNN has mojo. If Dean wins, FOX News is the cable king, and if MSNBC wins then Lieberman, Edwards-Comedy Central, Kerry-CBS, Kucinich-PBS and Sharpton-B.E.T.


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