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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Power Mojo from the New Hampshire Primary

Watched Kerry's winning speech again tonight. Better than Iowa.

Best Line by far was:

In the past month I have depended on the same band of brothers, that I depended on some 30 years ago. We are a little older, a little grayer, but we still know how to fight for America.

That is golden stuff. He should use that at the convention. He also talks about the "the economy of privilege" which is a nice phrase. He emphasizes "the idea of opportunity not just for some but for all Americans." Then he starts to tank as he talks about the wealthy.

His lines against tax loopholes and millionaires ring hollow as he stands next to Ms. Heinz. Does HJ Heinz use any foreign labor? I wonder? He called them Benedict Arnold's. That would worth looking into.

Howard Dean is live on Hardball. He should be giving the St. Crispian's Day Speech to his supporters right now. He is hammering home on the outsider ideal. Chris Matthews brings up the antiwar aspect. Howard Dean swings and misses and goes back to jobs and health care. He should be hammering home on the war issue. Chris says MSNBC will be the new home for Howard Dean.

CNN goes to Edwards speech. I geuss they have given up on Clark and now become the channel of Edwards. Edwards says we have a moral responsibility to lift the poor our of their circumstances. It is his stump speech. Networks have heard it before and all switch away.

CNN now switches to Clark. Not concilliatory at all. Interesting. Chants of "Go Wes Go" echo across the hall. He is going on to South Carolina and Oklahoma.

Dean is now on Fox News. Different message here than MSNBC. Very smart. Discussing the budget deficit almost exclusively. Dismissing Washington insiders including Terry McCauliffe."I'd put my finger on Terry McCaulliffe." he says.

At 10:00 pm every network switches to Lieberman who is crazy. "We are in a three way split decision for 3rd place." At the same time the crawl is showing him solidly fifth. He lauds New Hampshirites, who just rejected him. He claims that New Hampshire has not reached a decision. He wants to take his cause, which is apparently finishing third, to the rest of the nation.

I wonder if he will campaign on the Sabbath? Fox News has become as bored as me with Mr. Lieberman and has gone back to the pundits.

Clearly Howard Dean needs to win an upcoming primary to stay alive. Of course his money is still pouring in but Kerry is the presumptive nominee now.
More later.

Update I
Turn out is very high in New Hampshire, high enough that New Hampshire may go Democrat in the fall. Especially if the libertarians give up on this high spending adminsitration.

Update II
Kerry is 2 for 2 now. He should get some cash. The decision now is how to spend that money and where. February 3rd has 335 delegates at stake. 247 More on February 7th. Those are the next battles. Will he be able to win Michigan and Missouri?

Howard Dean's speech is now on all the networks. They are hoping for another meltdown. The crowd is nuts. But he is somber.

Howard Dean is claiming the momentum, which is eerily similar to Joe-mentum in that it is non-existant. He says:

We are all together in this. Stand with us to the very end. We stand together. We stand up to George Bush all the time.

Ahh, but Howard talks too long. He is boring now.

The Democratic party machinery has spoken. Kerry has been annointed.
Tonight the people of New Hamphire have gone soft, and gone for the known commodity. The real key to this whole thing will be how did Kerry get 38% in Iowa. Where did that come from?


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