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Friday, January 23, 2004

Senator Leahy's statement on Judge Pickering

Senator Leahy has released this statement: "Late last Friday afternoon President Bush made his most cynical and divisive appointment to date when he bypassed the Senate and unilaterally installed Charles Pickering to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. That appointment is without the consent of the United States Senate and is a particular affront to the many individuals and membership organizations representing African Americans in the Fifth Circuit who have strongly opposed this nomination. "

This is my favorite part:
" The nominee’s supporters, including some Republican Senators, have chosen to imply that Democrats opposed the nominee because of his religion or region. That is untrue and offensive. These smears have been as ugly as they are wrong. "

Ugly and wrong? Like describing him as a racist?

And this on the theft of the documents:

"The third disappointment we face is the ongoing fallout from the cyber theft of confidential memoranda from Democratic Senate staff. This invasion was perpetrated by Republican employees both on and off the Committee. As revealed by the Chairman, computer security was compromised and, simply put, members of the Republican staff took things that did not belong to them and passed them around and on to people outside of the Senate. This is no small mistake. "

Actually he has that about right. What the theif should have done was steal all of the documents and then use them to write his own memos in the form of "theories" as to the Democratic strategies. Simply distributing them is poor form.


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