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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Today's round up of Pickering news

The Washington Post has a story with an interesting title: Bush Bypasses Senate On Judge which is not really true since Pickering has been voted on several times by the Senate and still needs Senate confirmation to keep his seat. CNN has this report. The Free Republic reports that NOW is Outraged by Bush's Underhanded Appointment of Pickering. Does anyone remember when NOW was not outraged? I wonder how they can tell the difference. The USATODAY.com has a report also entitled "Bush bypasses Democrats and installs Pickering" And Reuters makes sure to categorize Pickering's political views in its headline: "Bush Bypasses Congress on Conservative Court Pick"

The BBC reports that Bush sidesteps Senate over judge. There report highlights this statement of Senator Kennedy:"It serves only to emphasise again this administration's shameful opposition to civil rights".

TalkLeft has summarized some of the reaction to the Pickering appointment from the Blogosphere.

Meanwhile, despite all of this swirling controversy, Pickering continues his successfull boxing career. is there anything the man can't do?


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