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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Today's Zoning News

Columbus Online Community: "Much of that can be attributed to the many challenges the pork industry has to face. Prices are down, interest by young people is low and many hog farmers are dealing with zoning regulations."

The Gilroy Dispatch has a nice opinion piece on the local zoning board's cave in to developers on the issue of tract mansions.

Zoning and land use dispute over highway exit divides town: "Like the tug-of-war between sheepherders and cattle ranchers in the Old West, residents and developers are feuding over what is the best use of the open land along Interstate 93 in South Tewksbury."

The Center for Consumer Freedom discusses the possibility of zoning for fat people. Seriously.

Gambling Magazine reports on Governor's Slot Plan Catches Some Counties By Surprise(warning if you visit this site you may start to get annoying gambling site pop-ups if you have not disabled cookies) "Robert Ehrlich's plan to place 4,000 slot machines at two locations on the Interstate 95 corridor created confusion Tuesday among local lawmakers about where the slots would go and what type of venues might be used for gambling. "

Problem is the bill is not specific as to the locations of the slots. "Several lawmakers said they were hesitant about considering a bill that didn't include specifics such as what types of areas slots would go into. Ehrlich and his aides didn't specify whether the bill would limit slots to nonresidential areas or commercial areas.
"My concern is we'd be passing a bill without knowing where in Cecil or where in Harford counties it would be placed," James said. "It's almost like you're overriding local zoning."

The Weymouth News reports that zoning eyed to protect town's water: "Proposed amendments to the town's zoning ordinances will provide greater protection to Weymouth's watershed and drinking water supplies, James Clarke, director of planning and community development, said at last Tuesday's joint public hearing of the town council and zoning board."


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