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Monday, February 23, 2004

The Apprentice teaches young Exec's the true Trump Techniques

Turns out the kids on the Apprentice are learning alot about the business world inhabited by Donald Trump. Primarily, when a deal is in the works, ethics need not apply.

Last week the two teams were in charge of renting two apartments which they were to refurbish. Problem is, one of the apartments had alreay been leased to a tenant. According to this article, the teneant claims that the show, "showed me coming in to see the place, and signing a lease with a 27 percent markup on the rent.
But I didn't end up paying that inflated "

She had already signed a lease for a much lower amount and the landlord agreed to honor that amount as long as she played along.

I guess everyone won is this little theatre of the ethically absurd.

The Donald got a nice show.
The landlord got a renovated apartment.
The tenant got the agreed upon price.
NBC got big ratings.

Well, maybe Tammy, the booted contestant, might have a problem with the little ethical lapses of those involved. Unfortunately for her, everyone was pretty much satisfied that she left.


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