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Monday, February 23, 2004

The enemy of my enemy is ...my candidate?

Forget Nader. Draft Moore. Timothy Noah wonders if Roy Moore will be the conservative equivalent of Ralph Nader, and spoil the electon on the right. The problem is that Moore is so far right that he is left.

Judge Bill Pryor, who was just sworn in on the 11th circuit after a recess nomination, has been labelled by the press, and the Democrats ,as a fringe fundy nut bag on the far right.

Well if he is a fringe nut bag on the far right then Roy Moore must be so far to right that he is actually left, because Judge Bill Pryor thought he was enough of a fringe nut bag to prosecute him for violating state laws.

Pryor got the court order to have Moore stop violating the state law and Federal Court decision, and then when Moore refused, he went ahead and enforced the laws himself by removing the ten commandments from the courthouse. Eventually it was his actions that got Moore booted from office.

(Note to Californians, I know this must sound strange, but it turns out that when an elected official considers themselves above state laws, it is actually the Atorney General's duty to prosecute that official. Wierd huh?)

So if a fringe fundy nut job thinks Moore is a fringe fundy nut job then what does that make Moore? Byu the way the New Times could not answer this question so it lied and put the two in the same basket by calling Pryor an inital supporter of Moore. Well if Pryor is a "supporter" of Moore, I don't think many of his other supporters will vote for him.

Moore could run, and get some votes in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, but I don't think he could draw enough supoort away from Bush in any state that would sway the electoral votes to the Democrats. Maybe Louisiana.

Meanwhile if Moore runs it should serve to help Bush by allowing him to distinguish himself from the fringe right. On the other hand if Nader gets press coverage, it will serve only to draw the Democrats farther to the left.


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