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Saturday, February 21, 2004

The Great War?

The more and more of this nuclear trading story that comes to light, the more I am convinced that the Iraq war may have saved every last one of us.

Pakistani Said to Have Given Libya Uranium

The Scotsman - International - Libya able to process plutonium claims UN

Dr Khan sold $3m worth of nuclear parts to Iran

Khan probe opens Pandora's box - The Times of India

AM - Malaysian whistleblower reveals nuclear trade secrets

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Britons 'had key role in Libyan nuclear arms'

Taking the war to the terrorists is the only way we ever would have uncovered this international conspiracy.

I am still waiting for the words Syria and Iraq to appear in these stories....

I wonder if the fact that Syria lost its nuclear provider or will soon be named in the investigation was an impetus for this.


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