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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hollywood Concerned about Anit-Semitism? Not when it makes 25 million...
The Times gets a tad pollyannish here when it predicts that the Passion may "harm" Mel Gobson's career:
"Mel Gibson's provocative new film, 'The Passion of the Christ,' is making some of Hollywood's most prominent executives uncomfortable in ways that may damage Mr. Gibson's career.
Hollywood is a close-knit world, and friendships and social contact are critical in the making of deals and the casting of movies. Many of Hollywood's most prominent figures are also Jewish. So with a furor arising around the film, along with Mr. Gibson's reluctance to distance himself from his father, who calls the Holocaust mostly fiction, it is no surprise that Hollywood's Jewish and non-Jewish has been talking about little else, at least when it's not talking about the Oscars."

There has been only one rule in Hollywood over the past several decades.
Make money.
That is why DMX has gotten their shot in the movies.
And Eminem.
And Andrew Dice Clay.

And any number of hateful or hurtful people.

Hollywood just doesn't care. There is no sense of righteuosness. Christian, Jew, Agnostic, Muslim, Scientologist. Noe of them care. Their first credo is to make money.

And if this film makes money, then all will be forgiven.


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