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Sunday, February 29, 2004

An issue for Nader?

Nader's big problem with this election is his lack of a definite motive for people to vote for him. The anybody but Bush vote a the far left of the spectrum doesn't want him in the race and those n the comfortable middle don't agree with msot of his views.

So far a "Vote for me becuase we need more than two parties and I am a third party" platfrom is recieving about as much support as it deserves.

But what about intensive voting reform? It would play well to all of those interested and focus the campaign pn an issue that actually deserves meritorious attention:

Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Kodos: "

Once again atop his soapbox, Nader has an opportunity to make his message heard. And this would be an excellent time for him to plug voting reform -- the very issue that brings to mind his name. Nader is on the record for supporting preferential ballot methods like instant runoff voting, and a man of his prudence could certainly bring the issue up with a minimum of humiliation. Certainly there are many other issues that deserve attention, but if there were ever an issue calling out to Nader and his remaining supporters, it’s got to be this.

Nade's legacy is a proud one; he's a man who has fought tirelessly for many years in the interests of the people. As a man whose political career has been fashioned from the same cloth, his symbolism cannot possibly be overlooked. Whether he will choose to throw his weight behind the Democrats is ultimately irrelevant -- this kind of pressure can, in the end, only help them face up to their own responsibility and learn to work together. And isn't the spirit of grassroots democracy and cooperation the message Nader is trying to spread? "


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