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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Jamaica passes equal property distribution upon divorce

World Press Review - reports that:

"WOMEN'S GROUPS yesterday hailed landmark legislation which will give equal shares to spouses involved in a failed marriage or common-law relationship. Female MPs and others gave a standing ovation when the House of Represen-tatives on Tuesday passed the Family Property (Rights of Spouses) Act following passage by the Senate last Friday.

The Act, among other things, grants a 50-50 split in sharing property and also places equal significance on the monetary and domestic contributions of married and unmarried couples."

Who knew that thye didn't have equal property split before now?

I wonder what divorce laws are like in the rest of the hemisphere.

It is interesting that the United States is debating Gay Marriage when the rest of the world is just geting around to recognize the role of a woman in a traditional marriage.

I wonder if there has ever been such a huge dichotomy between the social values in simultaneous civilizations in human history.


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