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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Kerry Confirms Hoffa statements

On CNN today, Kerry says he is in fact:

In favor of the national gas pipeline in Alaska.
In favor of drilling in 95% of National Petroleum reserve.

He says there is no contradiction between his position and what James Hoffa said.

Groups like Earthjustice oppose the current administration's plan to open up 100% of a particular portion of the NPR. It is unclear where Kerry stands on that particular lawsuit.

He did get feisty in the interview. Especially when the issue of his being "fuzzy" on the issue came up.
He defendend himself on not being fuzzy. And then attempted to give straight answers to questions.

Unfortunately he reurn to his fuzzy answers almost immediately. For example when the issue of his Winter Soldier testimony before Congress was raised, testimony in which he detailed war crimes by American soldiers, he stated that despite what he said, he was not accusing American troops of war crimes, but he was accusing American leaders of abandoning their troops.


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