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Thursday, February 05, 2004

No VOIP until it can be tapped

AP Wire reports thats the Justice is asking the FCC to delay its regulation of VOIP protocols.

"The FCC is looking at how to regulate 'Voice over Internet Protocol,' or VOIP. The technology allows users to transmit calls through high-speed Internet connections, known as broadband. In some cases, a conventional phone, plugged into a special jack, is used to dial in. Other VOIP systems allow users to bypass the conventional telephone network entirely."

"Law enforcement officials are concerned the new technology won't allow them to listen to calls the way they can now wiretap conventional phones. A 1994 law requires phone companies building digital networks to include surveillance capabilities, but there are no similar standards for VOIP technology."

Does this mean that conversations occurring currently using VOIP technology cannot be tapped through conventional means. What if you had a cable modem and were using that to plce calls over the internet?

Even so, I have to believe this technology is possible. Why? Because when I visited the site that dispalyed the article a pop-up ad for "Net-2-Phone" an internet phone appeared on my site. Now I know these technologies are completely unrelated, but if a compnay can fire how to match it's onsite advertising to story content, based on an ASCII detection cookie on my computer I am guessing, then surely some sort of monitoring system can be developed for this technology.


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