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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Parallel Processing in the Blogosphere

By the way I love the way Feddie has ignited an intelligent (excluding my own addition) debate in the blogosphere.

It exemplifies I think the power that political parties should strive for when seeking to use the internet for political purposes.

Think in parallel processes, not serial processes.

Eventually the Blog for America became a serial adventure, where one post on the Blog would echo 450 times with bonehead rhetoric with posters linking to their own blogs with the exact same message posted in the same manner.

In the end it was inneffective as a method to pull those out side the process into the process.

Unaffiliated blogs and sites linked together in a blogroll with a RSS feed may work much better. Blogs for Bush is doing something like this. Much more efficient use of the resources and quicker solution to the answer.


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