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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Republicans fumble the Bush Military Record Issue

For days now the Republicans have been fumbling the Bush military record issue. When the first shots were fired across the administration's bow by the porcine Micheal Moore and then echoed by Terry McCaulliffe, the adminstration should have immediately changed the ground rules for the discussion. Instead of debating the merits of the claim, i.e. AWOL versus desertion the administration should have changed the debate completely.

The fact is that the military record that the administration should be pointing to is not the two years in the seventies when President Bush served in the National Guard but the last four years when he has been Commander in Chief of the armed services. President Bush should not be arguing this issue on the Democratic ground, i.e. who is the better candidate for President, but instead, who is the best President. On that ground, he has no current contenders.

Scott McClellan should just say:"President Bush is not running for the post of President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Services. He is the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Services. This issue was discussed four years ago and the American people decided that President Bush had the requisite experience and skill to serve them in that capacity.

The issue for the electorate this fall is not what George Bush did in 1973. It is how President Bush has protected this nation from terorist attack since September 11, 2001. His leadership of the military has played a large role in that defense. He has lead this nation to two military victories in nations where government stood opposed to the United States and stood in support of global terrorism. When it was time to support those troops who were serving over seas, both Senator John Kerry and Senator John Edwards chose politics over integrity. Both of these Senators, who voted in favor of the war resolution, voted against funding troops in Iraq. This is the military record that is important to the voters today. The voters want a President who will stand behind the troops he has sent into the field, they do not want a President who bough to petty political presssures and naysaying voices of pessism and cut and run.

If the Senators choose to questions President Bushes military record over these several crucial years that he has served as Commander in Chief, we welcome those questions and stand ready to answer them."

See it's not so hard.

Shape up Scott!


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