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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Ricin Update

The Senate will have a press conference today at 2:30 after a leadership lunch. The substance in the mail room at Dirksen has been confirmed to be ricin. The substance in Connecticut has not been confirmed as of yet, but it was brown grey powder was in an envelope addressed to the Republican National Committee.

In a strange set of circumstances. at 2:00 pm today the U.S. Senate Governmental Affairs Committee was supposed to have a hearing entitled:
" To hold hearings to examine workforce issues
relating to preserving a strong United States
Postal Service.

The postal worker who found the substance in Connecticut was wearing gloves and no injuries have been reported as of yet. However, I think that in lieu of testimony that USPS union reps who were going to testify can pretty much just ask the Senate to turn on CNN.

There will be questions as to how the letter got to the Senate, as well there should be, but the fact that one letter was stopped out of state and another letter stopped in the mail room is better performance than 2002's anthrax attacks.


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