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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Senator John Kerry- "A run-of-the-mill bourgeois politician and representative of the American ruling elite."

Well at least he is according to the World Socialist Web Site here. Apparently he also has" a leaden speaking style and a tendency to pontificate and equivocate."

Other great Kerry quotes:

" Kerry, who in many ways epitomizes the spineless Washington Democratic Party establishment that Dean had initially targeted in his campaign."

And this one:

"The Wall Street Journal profiled these ties in an article February 18 on a fundraising gathering for Kerry at the Park Avenue apartment of Blair Effron, vice-chairman of UBS Investment Bank. Among those attending were Pete Peterson, chairman of Blackstone Group and perhaps the leading advocate of austerity in US fiscal policy; Stephen Robert, former chairman of Oppenheimer Group; hedge-fund manager James Chanos; and real-estate executive and investment banker Richard Richman.

The Journal noted the cynicism of the Democratic front-runner’s approach to the financiers: “Sen. Kerry’s courting of Wall Street is no cakewalk. He is using populist corporate-bashing rhetoric to woo the party’s liberal base, even as a campaign adviser privately sends the reassuring message that the senator actually is ‘pro-business’ and will be ‘more nuanced going forward’.”"

Who knew Kerry was such a capitalist pig?

By the way, I consider the World Socialist Web Site my number one source for all of my important socialist news and I am willing to fight anyone who says different! The people united will never be divided!


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