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Thursday, February 05, 2004

A singularly stupid patent fight

A Shareware Life - which is a site/blog for shareware marketing and everything else for shareware authors has a discussion concerning a number of letters sent out by a patent attorney defending the so-called "Goldberg Patents" which claim to patent solitaire.

There need to be some serious changes at the USPTO.

However until that here are some things I may patent:

Using a variety of oddly shaped symbols in a repetive and standardized manner in order to convey a thought or message.

Growing hair on my head in order to improve my looks and conserve heat within my head.

using my lungs and diaphragm in conjunction to drawn in air containg oxygen, removing that oxygen and replacing it carbon dioxide, and the exhaling that air back into the atmosphere.

These are my ideas people, no copying or you will recieve letters.


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