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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Small Minded People?

Over at Instapundit Glann Reynolds : is calling those on the Bioethics Panel "small minded" because of their slow rolling of embryonic research.

Is the fear of playing God "small minded"?

Hey, if human embryonic research is no big thing then why are we focusing the research on Parkinsons Dsease and paralysis? Why don't we branch out?

I bet, for example, that human embryos might make an excellent salad toppping. Or sprinkles on ice cream. Or glued together they might make an excellent substitute for those plastic things at the end of shoelaces. We could hire poor immigrant women and grow embryos by the truckload. Use them as fertilizer in tomato fields. Or use them to replace gold stars on children's report cards.

Or even better yet, here's a new idea. Let's take a gross of human embryos and make soap. I understand there is even a history to that type of practice so we wouldn't be starting entirely from scratch. You could even market it at upscale apothecary shops as "Scrubbing Babies"

The idea that we might want to pause and rethink the idea of creating and then destroying an entity that may constitute life, strikes me, as a former embryo, a quite good idea. To call it small minded is scientific hubris to say the very least.


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