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Monday, February 23, 2004

So what is a neocon, and why is it pejorative?

This is a months old topic, bu the more and more the phrase gets lobbed around, it seems to encompass more and more people. the good news is that if "neo-con" is considered pejorative, that means conservative is non-pejorative, whereas liberal can still be tossed around with an insulting flair. Of course, no one knows what a liberal is either. And I am really not sure what a conservative is anymore either.

This is a world where the "liberal left" is supporting the homosexual community trying to participate in the squarest and most conservative traditions of getting married and becoming priests.
Getting married and becoming priests? What happened to homosexuals movement? Getting married and becoming a preist doesn't sound very gay to me. If this is a marketing technique, it is a starnge one.

And the far conservative right has symbolized by the press by Roy Moore, a man who, horror of all horrors, tried to put the Ten Commandments in the foyer of a courthouse. Arrggh my eyes! I cannot render justice equally now that I know that God says I should respect my mother and father! How should I rule on this car accident case?

It seems to mean that two groups are battling over who is the squarest of them all.

Where are the love-ins? Hippie filled concerts? Drugs in the streets? Studio Freakin 54?

I went to one of the major anti-war rally's last fall and it was a capitalist paradise. Orderly families buying t-shirts and preztels. Handing out Sprint and Sony fliers.

And where are the reciprocal cop squads with night sticks beating the protesters down? The halcyon conservative days of Tricky Dick's "hit list" and using the CIA to topple regimes and install dictators from within. I know Pinochet, I have seen Pinochet, Mr Pachachi, you are no Pinochet.

Now the conservatives are arguing that we should go around the world and promote democratic liberalism, while the liberals are arguing that American troops are to valuable for that practice and must be kept at home.

Domestically its all wacko too. The conservatives are expanding government entitlement programs, liberalizing our immigration policies and spending like Hilton sister at Barney's. (Well consiering that they are spending on credit, maybe like Winona Ryder at Barney's)

The liberals meanwhile are arguing that the prescription drug benefit is too expensive, the immigration policy is an illegal alien amnesty program and the government should be spending much less.

So what is a neo-con? Well it is a big spending, bigger borrowing, entitlement loving, ten commandment reading, world policing, free trading, pro-drilling, marriage denying, border opening square who are going back to Texas where they belong.

And what is a liberal? Well it is a limited spending, bigger taxing, entitlement restricting, preisthood wanting, national interest over world interest wanting, anti-drilling, marriage endorsing, protectionist, border closing square who are going back to Massassachussetts where they belong.

The only real difference between the Presidential candidates is this:

If you make over 100,000 grand a year and want to keep it that way, and want to drill in ANWR, and don't mind someone who is a little trigger happy when it comes to blowing up Syria, Iran and North Korea, vote Republican.

If you make less than that, and do not plan or forsee on making more than that in the next four years, and don't want to drill in ANWR, and want someone who is not trigger happy (but will end up doing the same thing anyway) then vote Democrat.

I myself am a neo-liberal neo-conservative since I believe in alot of the neo-liberal planks, smaller government, less spending, pro-marriage, pro-religion, and the neo-conservative planks, smaller government, less spending, pro-marriage, pro-religion.

Or maybe I am just horribly confused.


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