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Thursday, February 19, 2004

St st st st stern fans take note, Stuttering John will be joining the tonight show cast

E! Online News reports that Stuttering John will join Leno as the new annoncer on the tonight show.

The article states that: "Melendez will replace longtime announcer Edd Hall, who's leaving the show after 12 years to pursue an acting career. "

Now this is most likely untrue. Hall could have easily continued on the show as his duties take about an hour a day. Hall will more than likely never be heard from again unless it is to return to replace Stuttering after he violates some FCC rule on the air or gets caught smoking pot on the set.

The article also states that: Beyond his duties as announcer, Melendez will be conducting interviews for the show--but not of the same ilk that he conducted for the Stern show, the spokeswoman said. "

Now this is definetly untrue. Leno has not been shy about stealing Stern bits in the past. Hiw entire Jaywalking series and "Battle of the Jaywalk All Stars" are direct rip offs of Stern's show. Stuttering John will be doing the exact same thing for Leno that he did for Stern. He will be asking big name celebrities stupid and embarassing questions.

Otherwise there is no reason to have him on the show. He is a stutterer. He is not an announcer.

Finally this may signal the near end of the Stern show. Stern's five year deal ends in two years and he has hinted that he will be ending his show at that time. If Stuttering John really believes that Howard is leaving this is his early move out. Stern does have a number of other projects in the works in television and the movies so his departure would not be that surprising.


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