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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

"This is the most violent film I have ever seen"

Ebert gives THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST four stars ( **** (R))

Ebrt seems to take a different tack than most reviewers because he evaluates what is on the screen, not is what is not there :"This is not a sermon or a homily, but a visualization of the central event in the Christian religion. Take it or leave it."

He also addresses, though not intentionally, the claim that Gibson has attempted to make a commercial production:

"Gibson has not made a movie that anyone would call "commercial," and if it grosses millions, that will not be because anyone was entertained. "

He also raises this caution:
"I said the film is the most violent I have ever seen. It will probably be the most violent you have ever seen."

I think this is important because many church groups are renting out theatres to take their families to see the production. I cannot imagine taking anyone under 12 or 13 to see this movie, as it will likely scare the, well, the bejeebus out of them.


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