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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Tim Russert Presses the Presidential Meat

DRUDGE REPORT and several media outlets reports that President Bush will be on for the full hour of Meet the Press this Sunday.

Mark this on your calendars. The State of the Union was meant to start the Presidentts Campaign. It did, for his strong base, eventhough he did not mention Right to Life issues.

however, now it is time to start the National Campaign for re-election. this is a fairly big dice roll, but the President has some weighted dice in his pocket. First the interview will be in the Oval Office. This is a nice homefield advantage and will lend to his comfort level. Second it prevents Tim Russert from putting up those quotes and statements from several years ago with which to raise conflict. Mr. Russert will have to rely on his notes and ability to question only.

It has also been a huge news week. George Tenet has mounted a spirited defense of his agency and has takne issue with some aspects of the Kay report. the Kay report itself is not completely damaging, and the fact that those elements that are most damging are in dispute is helpful. There has also been a "terrorist" attack on the Capitol area this week which reinforces the threats that are being faced. To add to that Nuke Khan has admitted to passing nuclear secrets to at least two members of the axis of evil.

On the domestic front, tomorrow's job news is reported to be good and so the President can point to a recovery in progress. In other words this should be an issue oriented discussion, and many of those issues favor the President. the issue of his military service should come up but he should POINT TO HIS SERVICE AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF as opposed to discuss his record during the Vietnam war.

This is also quite a coup for Tim russert. He is already dominating Sunday talk, and this will cement that position. If the President does well it should be a good shot to his ratings and signal that he is coming out fighting this fall.


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