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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Air America Radio launches tomorrow..

This website is pathetic. I hope their shows are not.

They have two huge problems:

1. Utter lack of startup capital. As their website and rollout stations suggests this group started to small too fast. (The website is simply pathetic.) They are, for the most part, simply buying time on these stations,as opposed to licensing the program. then they get to sell the advertising themselves. but it is all a loss leader, which means no new capital for quite some time. Streaming is very expensive and it is unlikely that it will continue for very long if a number of people choose to listen.

2. Howard Stern. Howard is now the flagship anti-Bush broadcaster. I am a huge stern fan and he has done more to stunt the growth of this network than any conservative voice.

I think Franken should do fine. He is just about everything Limbaugh is- pompous, reactionary, funny but liberal. (Oh and apparantly not addicted to drugs). The problem is that there have been two 2 successful ways to launch a radio network (1 statioan at a time like Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Stern etc.. or licensing with a large established network like clear channel)

It simply stuns me that Viacom which carries Stern throughout the country did not sign on to this, considering they are the lynchpin of the liberal media conglomerates, but now they already have their liberal radio star so maybe they don't wnat anymmore....

I think these shows should stay on up until past the election but then...


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