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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Another great post at the The Blue Shirt Intelligentsia about how Dodger fans have unknowingly entered "Clipperland".

Unfortunately it is true. Man are the Dodgers bad this year.
One thing he forgets though in his comparison with the Clippers.

As to point "# 2) You find yourself celebrating distractions and ignoring the important:

Nothing was more revealing of the Clippers' perpetual defeatist mentality than how they are and were marketed"

he neglects to mention the huslteboard. Nothing was more indicative of the Clippers failure at the L.A. Sports Arena than the installation of the Hustle Board. After watching themselves fail night after night to manage to outscore the opponents on the "score board" the management installed and prominently displayed an equally sized "hustle Board" that would total an odd assortment of different statistical categories that somehow equated to hustle, but in no way impacted the actual score.

In the Clippers defense they did actually win on the "Hustle board" fairly often. And because of that you could leave the sports Arena, always quickly and without making eye contact with anyone on the street of course, with a little less depression than you would otherwise have felt.

Now the Clippers never Hustle Boarded their way to a playoff berth mind you but they did hustle their way into my heart. Well maybe not my heart, but at least my spleen before I had it surgically removed.


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