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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Another one bites the dust..: "Barry Bonds hurt his back during batting practice Wednesday and was taken out of the lineup for San Francisco Giants' game against Texas."

Ok, now I simply refuse to anonymously libel anyone by stating that because of illegal steroids they were able to stay healthy and recover quicker at the age of 40 in a sport where most players are in their 20's. I will not lump Barry Bonds in the same category as oft injured and slow healing Jim Edmonds, Geoff Jenkins, Phil Nevin, or the quickly bulky Sammy Sosa.

I would highly suggest taking a long hard look at the following players before I drafted them this year, for no particular reason:
Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Tim Salmon, Gary Sheffield, Jim Edmonds, Bret Boone, Jason Giambi, Phil Nevin, Ray Durham, Juan Gonzalez, Geoff Jenkins or Phil Nevin.

Not necessarily because they will lack a certain substance they may or may not have been using in the past, but because the new regime will suppress the use of legal substances like androstenetheron. These types of legal steroids significantly assist in quick healing times. Anytime one of these gus gets a tweak, twinge or pull they will be laid up for a significant period of time.


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