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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Buy Japanese, Made in America, Or Buy American, Made in Canada, But don't buy Eorupean! Newsday.com reports that : "Japanese models once again dominated Consumer Reports' annual rankings of new cars, but the prestigious magazine's auto editors said American Big Three models have outclassed European vehicles for the first time.

Releasing its annual April new-car issue, the magazine said the most reliable 2003 model, based on more than 600,000 responses to the magazine's annual reader survey, was the Lexus LS 300/430 series, with an average of four problems per 100 cars.

The worst of all models for which the magazine had reliability data was BMW's flagship 7-Series, which begins at $70,000 and has been controversial for its electronic complexity. The 7-Series averaged 42 problems per 100 vehicles. 'The 7-Series is probably one of the worst in our charts to date,' said David Champion, who is in charge of the magazine's auto testing."

I personally drive a BMW, which has given me electrical problems. but it is just too much fun not to drive it. And besides Chevy's suck.


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