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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Could a Moore Candidacy Help Bush?

Bush has many weaknesses in this election season, the ecnomy, Iraq, the deficit, etc. If the economy is still on the rebound in November and the troops are slowly being rotated out of Iraq and there is no further terrorist attack on the United States, then I think most moderate voters would give him a second term.

However, in my own conversations with swing voters, they seem most concerned with the religiosity of the current administration. They point to stem cell research bans and the amendment on gay marriage as the prime examples of the administration being guided first and foremost by religion. Similarly both of these voters were actually turned of specifically because of the many religious messages in the State of the Union.

I think a Moore candidacy would temper this significantly. Moore will not get that many votes but he will get a lot of press. A person running to the right of the President would only serve to make him look more moderate by comparison.


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