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Friday, March 26, 2004

Daschle says screw the Constitution! I am in charge! : "Senate Democrats on Friday threatened to stop all of President Bush's judicial nominees until the White House agrees not to appoint any more judges while Congress is out of town.
Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota said Democrats had decided to block all judicial nominees on the Senate floor until ``the White House gives us the assurance that they will no longer abuse the process.''"

Yeah that's a real good plan.

Forget your Constitutional mandate Daschle to advise and consent.

hey why we are it, let's forget the whole of Article 2.

It is just so much pablum anyway.

If he does that then the Republicans will have no choice but to go nuclear and change the rules for nominees to allow only a majority vote for confirmation.

Then all of the Bush appointeees will be nominated.

This is an extreme sign of weakness.

If he really believed that Kerry will win then this is completely unecessary as the recess appointed Judges will simply fade into the sunset.

i think this has not a little to do with a certain Seventh Circuit female nominee that the Democrats do not want to fillibuster.


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