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Monday, March 15, 2004

Did the terrorists win?

On the Corner on National Review Online, Jonah goldberg notes, "The socialist victory in Spain is very bad news if, as it seems, they wouldn't have won save for the terrorist attacks. If al Qaeda -- or any other terrorist groups -- conclude that such attacks will be rewarded at the polls then the war on terror is in real trouble and a lot of Western allies may be in jeopardy. Moreover, if this is really what's happened, John Kerry had better stop talking about how foreign leaders want him to win. The gist of Kerry's boasting is that if he's elected 'moderates' (i.e. accomodationists) will be ascendent. That's precisely the wrong message to send. "

I am not entirely sure that the "appeasement" angle is correct. it seems that alot of the vote possibly came from those persons who felt Aznar may have been politicizing the terrorism by pinning the crime on ETA. Had he come out instantly and said, maybe Al-Qaeda, he still may have won.


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