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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Episcopal Church views religion as competition We are competing for people's attention with things like the 9/11 disaster and Kylie Minogue's rear end, so we are not going to get people in by running a jumble sale."

Maybe its this type of sentiment that is keeping people away from the church. Things like the 9/11 disaster and Kylie Minogue's butt should be drawing people to the church shouldn't they? I thought the Church was in the business of souls not butts in the seats.

Remember when Christianity was all about the message? Eh, me neither. I went to Catholic Mass during college because they served me beer despite my youth and let me gamble for actual money. The best part about was that becuase I was not an actual catholic i could neither take communion nor give confession after drinking and gambling and liking it. It was guilt free.


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