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Thursday, March 18, 2004

The first hint was that she spelled Nietzsche correctly.
the second was that she used the name at all in the phrase "Nietzsche direct us to kill the Jews".It turns out the that the main suspect in a anti-semitic vandalism case at the Claremont Colleges is the professor herself.

"Kerri F. Dunn's car was vandalized and covered with racist, anti-Semitic and sexist epithets on March 9, leading faculty to cancel classes and students to stage rallies the following day."

Oops, as it happens, "two witnesses interviewed by police investigators allegedly saw Dunn, a visiting professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna College, commit the vandalism, police said in a statement. " Maybe she is just a self hating Jew. Although with a name like Kerri Dunn, I am not so sure.

Or maybe this was just an experiment in reverse pschology. I wasted an entire semster at school when I enrolled in both psychology and reverse psychology. I got an A in both classes but learned nothing in the sum total.


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