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Thursday, March 11, 2004

For an example of how much the Democrats confuse race with party please read Daily Kos :: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.

He states in post about the Georgia Senate Race: "Georgia's not that red, and the demographics are trending Democrat (Latino growth is high, and African-American growth is 3rd highest in the nation). "

So Latino and African American always equal Democrat. Ok. I sure hope he doesn't visit Herman Cain site for his United States Senate campaign. He might have a heart attack!

He continues:

"Some of the comments confuse Georgia election results, which are trending Republican (though not overwhelmingly), with Georgia demographics, which are trending Democrat. The latter is the clear case in Georgia, as seen from the 2000 census results:

GEORGIA: Blacks, 2,235,897, up 27.7 percent; Hispanics, 239,566, up 119.9 percent; Asian and Pacific Islanders, 160,566, up 109.0 percent; American Indian and Alaska Native, 18,717, up 36.5 percent; whites, 5,373,060, up 15.9 percent. "

Ok so let's forget that every recent statewide election has resulted in a Republican, outseating a popular Senator and a powerful Governor. Let's forget that even the most popular Democrat in the State endorses George Bush and has been uninvited from all of the Democratic Leadership meetings in the Senate. Then let's forget that this state had a Democratic Governor for 100 years before 2002. Now they have a Republican. If you forget all of that and look only at the race of the indvidual then it becomes clear that Georgia is trending Democrat.

There is no more important feature to Democrats than the color of your skin. Apparently, it tells you more about a person and who they will vote for than their current job, their religion OR EVEN WHO THEY ACTUALLY VOTED FOR!


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