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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Getting very Ugly, Very quickly

The more I think about the Kerry comments the more I am amazed.

First some background.

The recent John Kerry remarks were inspired by theseremarks by the Vice President at a reception for John Thune
"In January, I visited one of our American military bases at Vicenza, in Italy, and had a chance to talk with some of the fine men and women of our armed forces who had recently returned from Iraq. One young soldier, part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade that jumped into Iraq at the beginning of the war, wanted me to know how much he appreciated the President's decisive leadership. 'Indecision kills, sir,' this young soldier said to me, 'indecision kills.'
These are not times for leaders who shift with the political winds, saying one thing one day and another the next. (Applause.) We need a Commander-in-Chief of clear vision and steady determination. And we need to give him the kind of support in the United States Senate that John Thune will provide. "

So is Cheney saying that Kerry's indecision in the past has lead to troop deaths. No clearly not. Were his remarks over the top? Well they were'ntknid that is for sure.

But this is how Kerry responds:
: "'Let me tell you something Mr. Cheney and let me tell you Mr. Bush: Bad rush decisions kill too,' Kerry told an evening rally in Tampa, Florida. 'And not giving American citizens health care kills too.'

'Going backwards on clean air and clean water kills too,' he continued. 'And not doing anything about AIDS in Africa for three and a half years ... kills people too.'"

So Bush kills citiznes. Not military personnel in times of war protecting the U.S. but citizens, living their daily lives. This seems incredibly over the top.

I didn't closely follow the Dean campaign but from what I gathered he was sometimes quite vociferous in his criticism of the President.

But did Dean ever say something this incendiary?.Did he ever come out and say that Bush's bad decisions on issues other than Iraq killed people? I mean that's pretty much calling Bush a maslaughterer. Or at least a negligent homicider.

And can anyone remember a similarly charged claim from 2000 or 2004 as in: Gore did X and people died. Or in 1996, Clinton did or did not do X and people died. I suppose Dole had the chance conisdering Oklahoma City and WTC1 happened under Clinton's watch but did he say Clinton's X policy kills?

8 more months...sheesh.

(By the way I just saw the new Bush ad and there was no image of the remains being taken out witht he flag. Just an image of the World Trade Center.)


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