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Friday, March 19, 2004

Googling Atrios

So who is the Unknown Blogger?

This is from the Philadelphia Enquirer:

"So here's what I can tell you about Atrios. He's a college-educated white man of average height and build. He looks about 30, maybe 35. He lives in Center City Philadelphia with his wife (no kids), and he works in the suburbs. Atrios describes his parents as "idiosyncratic socialists," and smiles. None of this is really surprising, given the smart chunklets of anti-GOP rhetoric that Atrios uploads to his site several times a day.

This is from his blog posts:

His wife has an asian sounding, but not Chinese, name.

He is an immigrant or at least fairly new to this country, possibly British. He has been: "to Cuba and legally."

He is a working professor or teacher as he refers to having to go teach a class.

He used to work in Orange County and now works in Philadelphia. He moved on Monday July 15th.

He attended graduate school at a school known for its Political Correctness tendencies.

In '96 he went to a campaign rally for the Bill Clinton.

On April 27, 2002 he played both guest and host of James Carville, to whom he referred to as the Rajun Cajun. I think he was going to Juliefest 2002 to meet Julie Hiatt Steele, the woman who killed the Kathleen Wiley story with her affadavit, and was later similarly moved upon for her tale. There is a donation entitled "mystery $ 35 from Atrios via Pancho " that seems to be his. And $35.00 would certainly indicate a teacher's pay. You could probably buy this video of the event to see him.

If you watch that video it is entirely possible you will see him drinking martini's and spilling them on himself.

He : "Went to the Dean Meetup in Philadelphia" in March of 2003. He states that is "Was a good turnout with some good energetic folks. Don't know if Dean's 'my guy' - whoever I decide can win will be that. But, Dean's in the running and I think he definitely has a decent chance."

There have been polls on the subject of his identity:but they are inconclusive.

He dislikes Libertarians. He states:
"I've always suspected that Ayn Rand devotees were largely people who were basically losers and blamed the fact that society failed to appreciate their genius because society was messed up...
If only we had a true meritocracy, then people who love and respect me..
or something like that."

He honed his teeth on the Bartcop Forum. It is unclear when he started posting but around March 2001 he bagan posting in earnest.

One of his first posts in that "time period was:: "The problem with these types of stories is that the conservatives are likely to respond that 'well, Chelsea was probably a drunken slut too but the media respected *her* privacy'.

The real issue of this story is not that a Bush daughter may be a drunken slut (good for her if she is), but that my tax dollars are being used to drive her friends home.

I pity her S.S. agents..."

He likes Yes. And purchased Magnification from amazon.co.uk just before the September 11th attacks.

But who is this mystery man, living in an apartment in Central Philly with two cats, commuting to work every morning?

Who knows?


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