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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

If Stern goes to Satellite Radio, here is the $99.00 Upgrade you will need. Portable Satellite Radio to Hit the Market "It's called Skyfi and it's a $99 portable satellite radio receiver from Delphi Electronics. It receives the $9-a-month XM satellite service, more than 100 channels of great music of all kinds, news and talk channels, comedy and talking books, even local traffic and weather all in a digital sound quality far better than fm and comparable to CD audio.
In a vehicle, you run a very thin wire out a window or around the door to a low-profile, rectangular antenna that magnetically sticks to the roof. A cigarette lighter power adapter and the cassette plug-in complete the setup, allowing your regular car entertainment system to also receive satellite broadcasts.
In the house, the Sykfi connects to the audio input jacks of the stereo amplifier. But this new all-in-one boom box unit makes it really portable and versatile. It even comes with a CD-player and AM-FM radio.
It will be available in stores by the end of March. "


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