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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

In the interests of fairness..

Maxwell King, president of The Heinz Endowment, responded to similar allegations last fall. His response can be accessed at the above link.

He states quite clearly:"All of the funding provided by the endowments to the Tides Center and, more recently, to Tides of Western Pennsylvania, has been explicitly dedicated to supporting projects in or important to our region. None of those resources were used to support the national groups mentioned by Mr. Randall, despite his implication to the contrary. "

I would take issue with two statements he makes further in his staement however:"Neither the Tides Center nor Tides of Western Pennsylvania are grantmaking institutions that use funding from the endowments and other foundations to support activities of their own choosing. "

The Tides Center clearly funds projects of their choosing. By solicitng funds for certain projects, the Tides Center directs exactly where the money will go. And secondly, he states that "Tides promotes accountability by ensuring that projects are well managed and that foundation resources are used in keeping with their charitable purpose."

Charitable? Is Bushgreenwatch.org a charitable group? i had no idea that politcal campaigning was charity work. The IRS certainly does not think so.

There are so many layers between the Heinz Foundation and the eventual recipients of the money that illegal or maybe even unethical behaviour could never be proven. But man is that money ever flowing! And when there is that much money flowing, some of it can't help but flow into John Kerry's election campaign.

I wonder if anyone could draw a link between the Heinz Foundation and any anti-Kerry or pro-Administration activity?

If it is all on the up and up it stands to reason that it might.


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